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”I managed: 1 - 2500 apartments (68) buildings Section 8 2 -1700 Mitchel Lama Co-op 3 -1800 Mitchel Lama Co-op 4 -400 unit Super Luxury Mann condo w/ 400 room 4 star hotel. My comment: Always outstanding character, integrity and workmanship.”
–John Byron

“We at J C Dwight enjoy working with Maxwell, a reliable, competent plumbing company. They come to the job ready and equipped to deal with the problem at hand, thereby minimizing our downtime. Their technicians are pleasant and professional, as is the office staff. The owner, Kirk, is directly involved in all their jobs and is always available to answer any questions or concerns we may have. I strongly recommend Maxwell Plumb.”
– Moshe Herman, Managing Agent, JC Dwight

”I have used Maxwell Plumb in many occasions. I supervise a maintenance department for a coop in N.Y. The tenants were always happy with there courteous and performance in work. Excellent Work. Thank you Maxwell Plumb.”
– Noel Rogers

“I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the dedicated staff at Maxwell Plumb who have been there for us at all hours whenever the need arises – even during Holidays and weekends. Being able to reach someone and get quality, timely & fairly priced service is crucial when striving to provide safe, affordable housing for those in need in our communities.  We are thankful to have Maxwell Plumb Mechanical as an integral vendor that allows us to meet our goals. Thank you.”

– George Stathoudakis, Director of Facilities Management, Progress of Peoples Management Corporation, Affiliate of Catholic Charities Diocese of Brooklyn & Queens

"What can I say about Maxwell Plumb? They are there when I need them. Office staff is nice they schedule all the appointments, the worker know their stuff. I know I can count on Maxwell Plumb to get the job done.”
– Eddie Ocasio, Phipps NY

“Hi Anita, you are a lifesaver and I mean it…it will save me the stress of hearing “the tenant” complain. Thanks again!”
– Myra Lou, Assistant, Erols

"Maxwell Plumb is a full service company that has served our agency for years. They have provided quality service for us whether it was a small leak or re-piping an entire building. Maxwell Plumb has saved our agency from plenty of sticky situations; no job was ever too small or too big for Maxwell Plumb. Their technicians are courteous, on time and highly skilled; which is how they earned the status of a “Preferred Vendor” within our agency. We at P.O.P. Management Family Housing commend their staff for a job well done.”

– Jehovana McKnight, P.O.P. Management- Family Housing Property Manager, St. Leonard’s & Whipple Lewis

"First of all the service is great! I think Maxwell Plumb Mechanical is very professional, courteous, clean and trustworthy."
–Joe, Cannon Heights, Inc.
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  • Maxwell Plumb Does Your Home Need a Dehumidifier? Written by Maxwell Plumb

    During a typical New York summer the air can be hot and muggy outside, which can mean excess moisture inside. Excessive indoor humidity is not just uncomfortable, it can lead to unhealthy mold, musty odors and condensation that can damage wood surfaces and paint.

    In today's tight, well insulated homes, excess moisture can make your air conditioner work harder to keep the air cool and dry. To help keep the air dryer, a dehumidifier can be an effective solution.

    How does a dehumidifier work?
    As warm, humid air is blown across a cold coil by a fan, moisture condenses into liquid, which can be removed through a drain pipe. The dry air then passes over a warm coil and is added back into the room. Dehumidifiers are controlled by an instrument called a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending on the amount of moisture detected in the air. The level of moisture is controlled by a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off. A dehumidifier's capacity is measured in pints of water removed every 24 hours.

    Carrier Whole Home Dehumidifers
    A whole house dehumidifier is designed to work in conjunction with your home's heating and air conditioning system by monitoring and controlling the level of humidity. It operates quietly and is easily maintained by cleaning a filter.

    Have questions about controlling excess humidity in your home? Call Maxwell Plumb, we're here to help.

    Written on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 06:52 in Maxwell Plumb Blog
    Tags: indoor air quality dehumidifier humidity Be the first to comment! Read 5436 times Read more...
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