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New York City Commercial Dehumidifier Installation & Repair

NYC Dehumidifiers

Maxwell Plumb specializes in helping our customers obtain exceptional indoor air quality in all types of commercial and industrial facilities in the New York City area.

To control bacteria, fungus, dust mite populations and other unhealthy contaminants, Maxwell Plumb recommends maintaining relative humidity levels in your facility between 30-50%.

Commercial and industrial dehumidifiers help in providing healthy indoor air quality, but also protect furnishings, reduce strain on your expensive air conditioning system and create a more comfortable environment.

Whether it's a whole building or trouble area, Maxwell Plumb can design and install a commercial dehumidifier with the capacity and sophistication to handle any challenge from water damage restoration, mold remediation or just deliver superior indoor air quality.

Our commercial grade dehumidifiers are used in retail stores, offices, schools, museums, art galleries, medical clinics, restaurants and many other indoor public areas. The highly skilled technicians at Maxwell Plumb have the expertise to service and repair all makes and models of commercial and industrial dehumidifiers.

Do you need an industrial dehumidifier?  Even under extreme conditions, Maxwell Plumb can design and install an industrial dehumidifier that efficiently maintains relative humidity levels.

We have chosen to offer only the best industrial dehumidification equipment from the most trusted names in the industry for the following applications:

  • Pools
  • Whirlpools and Spas
  • Locker Rooms
  • Health Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Pumping Stations
  • Power Plants
  • Well Houses
  • Switching Stations
  • Telecommunications Centers
  • Archives
  • Records Storage
  • Film & Tape Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Bakeries
  • Food Drying
  • Supermarkets
  • Meat Packaging
  • Tool and Die Shops
  • Production
  • Packaging Areas
  • Plastic Molding
  • Clean Rooms
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Computer Rooms
  • Printing
  • Photo Labs
  • Pre-Press Areas
  • Silk Screening
  • And More

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          Maxwell Plumb Blog

          • Maxwell Plumb Does Your Home Need a Dehumidifier? Written by Maxwell Plumb

            During a typical New York summer the air can be hot and muggy outside, which can mean excess moisture inside. Excessive indoor humidity is not just uncomfortable, it can lead to unhealthy mold, musty odors and condensation that can damage wood surfaces and paint.

            In today's tight, well insulated homes, excess moisture can make your air conditioner work harder to keep the air cool and dry. To help keep the air dryer, a dehumidifier can be an effective solution.

            How does a dehumidifier work?
            As warm, humid air is blown across a cold coil by a fan, moisture condenses into liquid, which can be removed through a drain pipe. The dry air then passes over a warm coil and is added back into the room. Dehumidifiers are controlled by an instrument called a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending on the amount of moisture detected in the air. The level of moisture is controlled by a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off. A dehumidifier's capacity is measured in pints of water removed every 24 hours.

            Carrier Whole Home Dehumidifers
            A whole house dehumidifier is designed to work in conjunction with your home's heating and air conditioning system by monitoring and controlling the level of humidity. It operates quietly and is easily maintained by cleaning a filter.

            Have questions about controlling excess humidity in your home? Call Maxwell Plumb, we're here to help.

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