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Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance For New York City

Regular Maintenance is a Money and Energy Saving Investment

NYC Commercial AC Maintenance

Businesses, companies and institutions all across the New York City area take their air conditioning systems very seriously. So does Maxwell Plumb. Our service department treats each maintenance or emergency service as a priority. Our technicians and service team are familiar with each client facility we serve so we can take a proactive approach to air conditioning service and maintenance.

Maxwell Plumb takes great pride in being one of the few companies that can service and perform maintenance on all types of air conditioning systems and all sizes of equipment.

It is a fact that no matter what type of air conditioning system, regular maintenance and tune ups are an important factor in saving on energy costs, improving system performance and extending the life of the equipment.

Keeping your air conditioning system operating at peak performance and operating efficiently year after year demands preventative maintenance services performed by the highly trained professionals at Maxwell Plumb.

Here are a few of the areas Maxwell Plumb will evaluate and maintain on a regular basis:

  • Clean air filters and cooling coils to maximize the energy efficiency
  • Check drain lines for algae buildup that leads to air quality problems
  • Provide necessary maintenance to air handler and ductwork to cut down on mold and mildew growth
  • Check refrigerant and all seals in the system. Recharge refrigerant if needed.
  • Clean and overhaul the condensing evaporative coils and evaluate all air return and supply ducts to be sure they are not broken or disconnected. In some systems cooling towers will be checked.
  • Check thermostat program settings to realize maximum energy efficiency
  • Determine if internal changes have affected the "right sizing" of your air-conditioning unit. The proper sizing and reconfiguring of your ductwork and distribution system is critical to efficient performance.
Call Maxwell Plumb today and let us create a Preventive Maintenance Program designed especially for your cooling system and your specific needs.

HVAC System Repair & Installation

• 24/7 Emergency A/C Furnace & Boiler Service
• We Repair All Makes & Models
• New A/C, Furnace & Boiler Installation
• Programmable Thermostats
• Custom Duct Work
• Whole House Humidification
• Electronic Air Cleaners
• Heating & A/C System Tune-Ups & Inspections

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