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Maxwell Plumb takes pride in our fast response time when helping you with your emergency chiller needs. Our team of factory trained service technicians and sophisticated diagnostic equipment enable us to perform adjustments or repairs any time. . . evenings, weekends and holidays . . . we’re there when you need us.  

Our skilled technicians service all makes and models of process chillers, equipment and systems. With Maxwell Plumb as your partner, you can be confident that all repairs are done correctly. To minimize future repair bills, you may want to consider a Maxwell Maintenance Agreement. Our experts will tailor an agreement specifically to your needs and provide preventive maintenance to help you keep all your equipment up and running efficiently.

What Is An Industrial Chiller?

Industrial chillers are a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities.  A chiller will use either a vapor compression or absorption cycle to cool.  Chilled water has a variety of applications from space cooling to process uses.

Types Of Industrial Chillers

A chiller is rated between one to 1000 tons of cooling energy.  There are three different types of chillers:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Evaporative condensed chiller. 

There are four subcategories in each of the above categories for industrial chillers:  

  1. Reciprocating
  2. Centrifugal
  3. Screw driven
  4. Absorption chillers. 

The first three types are mechanical chillers, which are powered by electric motors, steam, or gas turbines.  An absorption chiller is powered by a heat source such as steam and uses no moving parts. 

Chillers are very complex systems and not everyone has the specialized skills, diagnostic equipment and tools to repair and maintain these systems. When you call Maxwell Plumb you can be confident all work and repairs will be performed to the highest industry standards and all work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%.

When it comes to upgrading, installing or replacing an industrial chiller, Maxwell Plumb can help design and recommend the right chiller to meet your specific needs.

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• 24/7 Emergency A/C Furnace & Boiler Service
• We Repair All Makes & Models
• New A/C, Furnace & Boiler Installation
• Programmable Thermostats
• Custom Duct Work
• Whole House Humidification
• Electronic Air Cleaners
• Heating & A/C System Tune-Ups & Inspections

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