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One of the latest and fastest growing trends in the air conditioning industry is ductless or mini-split air conditioning systems. The popularity of ductless cooling systems is that they are a very convenient and cost effective way to install a clean, quality air conditioning system into many New York City area buildings.

In Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & the Bronx, there are many older apartments, condos, commercial buildings and industrial complexes that do not have adequate space to build expansive air ducts. This creates a problem when trying to install a central air conditioning system into the building to keep it cool during the hot and humid New York summers. 

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Include:

  • Comfortable air conditioning solution for buildings that lack sufficient room to install ductwork
  • More energy efficient than duct systems because energy is not lost inside the ducts
  • Ability to control temperatures in separate rooms or areas
  • Can be installed into newly added areas without modifying the existing central air conditioning system
  • The larger the building, the greater the energy savings
  • With most conventional commercial air conditioning systems, energy is wasted because of the air traveling through the ducts. The larger the building, more ducts are required for the central air system and more energy is lost. The losses are even greater when the ducts go through non-air conditioned areas of a building.

Studies prove the nearly 80% of all air conditioning units in the country are installed incorrectly. At Maxwell Plumb our dustless air conditioners experts will evaluate your individual situation in determining the very best ductless system for your building. We’ll professionally and properly install your ductless air conditioning system to provide your building with years of reliable performance. With an energy efficient dustless air conditioning system installed by Maxwell Plumb you’ll save a substantial amount of money on your electric utility bills.

When it’s time for you to look at ductless air conditioning installation, make sure you’re dealing with trained, qualified professionals like Maxwell Plumb . . . the expert installers of indoor ductless air conditioning systems in New York City.

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