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Men who are now deceased and respectfully known in the trade as the “dead men” installed many of the steam heating systems in buildings all across New York City in the early 1900s. More art than science, the correct repair, service, maintenance and installation of a steam boiler is a rare skill today.

Not just anyone has the expertise to work on steam systems. It takes years of specialized training. Installing new, modern steam boilers and repairing and maintaining old systems is a specialty of Maxwell Plumb.  The craftsmen at Maxwell Plumb have the knowledge and skill to ensure a complete, properly working steam heat system. We also service and maintain all makes and models . . . not matter how old.

Whatever type system you have whether fired by gas, oil, coal or even wood. Maxwell Plumb can repair and maintain it. We also have access to just about every piece of steam equipment from boilers, controls, pumps, kitchen equipment, hot water coils and steam traps.

A New World Of High Efficiency Steam Heating

There are many poorly informed contractors out there that say steam heating is old and inefficient.  At Maxwell Plumb we know that steam heating is moving to the cutting edge of efficiency due to the enormous number of large buildings that use steam for heating and the increased demand for energy efficiency.

The steam specialists at Maxwell Plumb continue to develop new techniques and revive others that are long lost to make steam heating an exceptional performer.  Some are special configurations of piping that can improve the efficiency and eliminate noise from a system.  Others include microprocessor outdoor reset boiler control systems and advanced burner designs, stage fired steam boilers and room-by-room thermostatic control. For those with standard two-pipe steam, we can often provide rather simple retrofits to eliminate the need for radiator traps, saving thousands in maintenance costs.

Time to Replace That Old Steam Heating System?

Maxwell Plumb will work with you every step of the way to design and install a steam system that will provide years of reliable, clean heat and significant energy savings.

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