Time to Replace Your Old, Inefficient Furnace?

Here are some questions to consider: 

1. Furnace Size

Choosing the right size furnace for your home is important for ensuring your comfort and the efficient operation of your heating system. If the furnace is not large enough, it will turn on more frequently and use more energy to heat the same space that a larger furnace would heat more efficiently.

2. Efficiency

The EnergyStar rating system is designed to help consumers make smart choices about how much energy a gas furnace will use during the heating season. While more efficient systems typically cost more initially, they will often pay for themselves in just a few years by using less energy to heat your home.

3. Noise

Today's furnaces are quieter than ever thanks to advanced engineering and features like two-stage fans, which allow the unit to distribute heat at lower fan speeds when less heat is needed.

4. Reliability

Being without heat during a cold Northeast winter is a real hassle. By choosing a furnace with a good record of reliability you will reduce the odds of a furnace breakdown and ensure your investment will provide reliable heat for years to come.

Have questions about buying a new furnace? The experts at Maxwell Plumb can answer all your home heating questions.
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